Your Mississippi River View Restaurant & Tiki Bar provider throughout the summer.


Pettibone Boat Club - Closed for the Season!

Gas Dock - Closed for the Season!

​If you need assistance please call
Matt Bentzen at 608-792-6332 

            MATHEW BENTZEN

             Gas Dock: 608-785-2011

Call Matt if you need assistance at


Matt will return your call

at his earliest convenience, thank you!

Club Members & Transits

Our knowledgeable staff, will take care of all your boating needs!

Thank you Pettibone Boat Club Members! You are the most important asset of our club. We are grateful for your membership...


Welcome "Transient Boaters/Visitors" when you travel, you can trust that we'll take care of you at Pettibone Boat Club. Call Matt at 608-792-6332 for your rental and parking fees!

   Boat Club Amenities


  • Best View in La Crosse
  • Beautiful New Restaurant
  • Catering Events
  • Full Service Bar
  • Tiki Bar
  • Gas Dock Service
  • ​Membership Discounts
  • Transient Boater / Docking  Usage Fee
  • Members Laundry Room
  • Garden Pots
  • Library House